Actualización 1.51 de Stock Car Extreme

Última actualización que lanza Reiza Studios para su Stock Car Extreme, la cual viene para corregir algunos bugs que se encontraron tras la 1.50, a parte de otras mejoras menores para pulir más si cabe al simulador más en forma del momento. Se ve que el equipo de desarrollo lo está mimando y está al tanto de las opiniones de los simracers en los foros oficiales, porque no paran de arreglar cosillas que van mejorando el juego tras cada actualización. Decir que también añade una nueva variante al último circuito brasileño que incorporaron al juego, el Velo Cittá Club Day.

Changelog v1.51:

Adds Velo Cittá Club Day layout (from “Acelerados” TV show);

Features & Fixes
Fixed bug with GSC Config crashing from Steam;
Fixed gridedit command for multiplayer;
Reverted to pre-v1.50 trackmap solution (Numpad 0 to toggle off/on/rotating);
Adjusted FFB values as a compromise between previous 2 versions – realfeel values from v1.38 & v1.50 are also included in RealFeelPluginv138.ini (more overall force & clipping) and RealFeelPluginv150.ini(lower forces at lighter loads & less clipping), so users can copy & paste settings according to their own preferences if not satisfied with default values;
Fixed garage steering rotation setting not being saved with setups;
Forced reset rotation range to previous profile setting with Thrustmaster wheels after quitting the sim;
Changed base HUD text color from yellow to white;
Fixed DRS rules and activation points at Interlagos, Spielberg, Kansai;
Reintroduced track tire compound options for F-Extreme & F-Reiza, and fixed issue which allowed AI to choose unauthorized compound in pitstops;
Fixed error in some series not allowing basic setup adjustments when running a fixed setup race;
Fixed SuperV8 graphics glitch near the exhaust from long distance;
Improved SuperV8 AI handling;
Minor physics revisions for Metalmoro MR18;
Updated Lancer R & RS sounds in attempt to minimize audio clipping;
Added pit limiter & onboard starter to Lancer R & Lancer RS;
Updated spanish & french localization.